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dyin' inside;But on the outside looking fearless

con alas caídas yo soy incapaz de volar

Full of faith yet so full of doubt...
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We miss you Abuela.

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estoy perdido-luis fonsi

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No se puede vivir con TANTO veneno*
behind my silence lies a thousand words

todo que hago es llorar adentro... llorar, llorar, llorar... no hay nada.. solamente este dolor que me mata... llorar

Sameh Zoonoobee Allah... Ya Allah. S'lach lanu Mechilah

she'd rather grieve from a broken heart
than have it temporarily repaired

this house is full of emptiness... my closets full of dress that i'll never wear

varierty is the spice of life

name`·´¨`·.·»» Erika Alejandra... erikalejandra
tag`·´¨`·.·»» bearika, erikaka
nats`·´¨`·.·»» cuban ` spanish
stats`·´¨`·.·»» taken 02.18.06
birth`·´¨`·.·»» miami fl unfornunately
place`·´¨`·.·»» miami
height`·´¨`·.·»» 5 foot 3
future home`·´¨`·.·»» Barcelona, Spain
hair`·´¨`·.·»» redish brown
eyes`·´¨`·.·»» dark brown

with every solemn beat
her heavy heart can make
is just another excuse
to continue this broken life
this hope is just an illusion
it doesn't really exist
just a lie to be her cure
when she's fallen too hard.
the sky can only do so much
to give her a fake smile
before she returns to reality
to always feel this nothing.
the constant weariness shows
through her painful silence
words carefully chosen
because she's learned by dying.

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¤ « es comic0 como tu sientes tant0 pero no puedes disir ninguna palabra- estas gritand0 adentro pero n0 se puede escuchar » ¤

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Shaki <33 i met her!

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Juanes <33

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Jesus is Love.

Being Alone is Love. Sucks.

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Cuba Argentina Spain. ... Loving your land is loving youself.

i'm just in everyone's way . . .
that's why i found it easier to dissapear
so no one will have to see me again.

it's too late the sun went a w a y
and here i'm left with the still night
alone as the stars dimly shine upon
my broken dreams. as i chased for
simple happiness i couldn't reach it..
my tears kept me company as i slept
away my sorrows. dissapointments
never seemed to end, as daily i would
be let down once again.

am i awake?
when i get through this day
can someone tell me how
. . . how much longer now
am i awake?

lost one more friend
hope is running out
the swings are empty
& i'm the only one there...
it was nice having you
for a while... i'm really alone.

... estoy aquí, espero alguien venir y salvarme de este dolor
llorar, llorar, solo llorar, llorar, ya no bailo mas, llorar, todo es llorar...

Qué una realidad triste
Tener que confrontar el mundo
Nadie abraza tu mano
Las lágrimas que lloras, nadie las ve
Llora hasta que duermes.... Llora a las estrellas
Las estrellas ya son los únicos luces más débiles
Persigue las estrellas hasta que no las puedes ver
Y te quedas con la soledad del cielo
Que hace mucho tiempo que te consume
Tú sangras sólo para saber que vives
a veces la sangre no es bastante
Tu corazón te queda fría y entumezca
No hay nadie para limpiar tus lágrimas
Y para hacer que tu corazón vale a latar

don't have sympathy, don't feel sorry
she wouldn't want any of that
didn't you know she chose that life
she'd rather have time to think
than not be able to think at all
and she'd rather be lonely somtimes
than never having any time to stop
she'd rather have her own beliefs
than share everyone elses
she lives according to herself
not to the standards of others
not to make someone else happy
even if she can't make herself happy
she'd rather grieve from a broken heart
than have it temporarily repaired

You take me across the horizon
We dance on the sparkle of the stars
We tickle the sun and just close our eyes
Spin around until we get dizzy and fall
And we lay in the grass looking at the clouds
You take me beyond the heavens into another sky
I’ve seen all the oceans with you
Nothing else can come to close to this
Only you can make me see all these things
The essence of life, the moment of each second
Of foreign people laughing in the Pamir
The proud dance of the Arabian Peninsula
The brilliance of the daylight in Valencia
How you catch every wonderful day
And you give it to me so I can live in it
The pure gratefulness of our feet
So we can run forever in the fields
And let us not think one thought at all
Let’s take in what we see and just run
Our dreams are our only confusing wishes
But let’s just be in a swirl from the elephants
Until the blue diamonds at the bottom of sea
Let’s just be the heart that revolves the earth
How life can bring even more life to us
We stumble in the joy and cry in the moonlight
Everything is our hope, our final destination
Our only reason to soar higher than eagles
Being always lost just like the lions in the Sahara
We got full of humanity and we just started to fly...

"Stability makes me ill. I'm a nomad and I live in airplanes. Routine is a slow way to die." - Shakira

"I have never pretended to be anything that I'm not. Neither do I want to be the architect of my own prison, and label myself in such away that I can't take it off and it turns into a tattoo..." - Shakira